Thanks Apple. For ruining all brands before you. Now everyone expects to interact with clean, sophisticated, fun and flirty brands like yourself.

Thankfully, we understand what it takes to build world-class brands. It’s more than just having the right name. And it’s far more than having just the right logo. A successful brand is like a best-friend. With feelings, biases, interests, and certainly a point of view. And now more than ever, people seek out brands that reflect their own identity. Extreme brand fans go so far as to even badge themselves as part of the brand. Ever see an Apple sticker on a car? It’s not an Apple car, it’s just that the owner loves Apple that much, they wish to share it with the world.

How are your customers, clients and fans relating to your brand? How do they perceive you? What are they saying about you? Are they advocates for your brand?

We’ll help you understand how your customers currently view your brand, and may prescribe a fresh identity and help bring it to life via a new logo, website, marketing materials and social media presence. It’s time the world sees your brand for who it really is.

Here are a few examples of how we’ve transformed brands in the past:

Atlanta Streets Alive:

Hope Builds:

Challenger Component Services: