Why does the world need another conference?

In a world where all the information in the world is at our fingertips, why is it important to host conferences, summits and intimate gatherings? We believe, it’s because there’s something in our DNA that craves person-to-person interaction and most of all, oral storytelling. We thrive on sharing stories, knowledge and meeting like-minded individuals that can help expand our minds, our thinking and our connections. But perhaps more importantly, conferences, summits and intimate gatherings allow for your entire group — whether a dozen or thousands — to align around common language, common ideas, and common goals.

We’ve helped inspire dramatic shifts in company and city thinking just by bringing together a curated audience for a curated speaker series. We’ve also been a part of planning monster summits, with over 1400 attendees, 70 speakers/panelists and multiple tracks happening concurrently. We understand what it takes to put on such an event that will leave ripples in a culture for years to come.

Please email jenn@aha-strategy.com to learn more about recent summits and conferences we’ve helped concept, design and execute.