In today’s world, every brand has to have a website. Customers and clients probably know more than you expect about your company before they ever meet you face-to-face. And that’s thanks to the internet.

And first impressions are still very important. That’s why as the lead first-impression, your website is your primary storytelling tool. Consider it the mother-ship, the master hub for your leadership team, your employees, your customers and your potential customers. That’s why having your website represent your absolute best brand is so important.

The process for developing an effective website involves three key phases:

1) Audit:  What is your website telling your visitors. Is it engaging? user-friendly? reflective of your brand? spoken in language that anyone can understand? and is it relevant? After this initial audit, there’s a period of reflection to mirror back the findings and identify the absolute changes to be made.

2) Framework: What is it that you want the website to do? Is it simply to be a digital brochure? Or do you want interaction? Are you showcasing product, and will have a store? This framework will identify the purpose of the website, which will inform the functionality and the desired flow. We’ll sketch up a wireframe and site-map showing you how the design influences visitor interaction.

3) Design: Now that we have the functionality and flow, we’ll finish with the final copy and final graphics. These cannot be overlooked, because this phase represents the front-facing personality of the site.
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